when i cry , i can't STOP


salam jumaat semua

listening : klangit-dewi

 ohh. i feel badmood right now :(

hurmm.. bout my post dis. cry but cant STOP. yeahhh ! dats me ! 

semalam nangis. ada lah sebab tertentu. i cant sleep :( pukul 3 still lg ta boleh tido. tutup mata dah. tapi fikiran macam-II pikir. tutup mata nangis lagi. nangis nangis nangis. bila nak STOP ni ? hurm.. macam-II hal fikir semalam. macam mana lah. kepala sakit sgt smpai la sekarang, sebab nangis tak henti henti. hmm :'(  tak tahu nak buat macam mana lagi.sebak sgt sgt :'( then dgr zikir. baru lah tido. hurmm..

ohh. maybe bcause dis prob happens cn change me. no more me after dis. maybe :'( i will try to do smthg wht i say to my self. mybe dis way i cn understand him. i cn know him more and more. i dunt want make mstake same again. i dunt wnt make him hurt again. i m sory sayang. i must do for you sayang. 

ONE DAY , i'll leave the world and never come back. you will cry when you see my number , you will miss me when you sit alone. want be able to hear my laugh and voice again. there will be NO MORE ME to make you laugh and say : sorry stupidly , tears might flow out of eyes but i will BE GONE , long and FOREVER. SO ,  Enjoy my silly Stupid company as much before i close my eyes FOREVER sayang.
saya sayang awak !