H A P Y N E W Y E A R ♥ ♥ ♥

Year of dis Very  meaningful to me . memories of sweet, bitter, salty. sour. all say through the good and quiet. I will never forget my memories of this year. It is very, very meaningful to me. This year, I see many people who do not know. long time to bring a friendly relationship. And, do not forget also to my friend NSN, now we are still not friends. I just hope the next year we'll be friends again:) Loveyou friends!

Not even to my ex. I hope you all enjoyy. and live happily with their loved ones:) do not forget that I am okay:)

With the opportunity, I would like to apologize to all of my faults to you all. I do this for all of you hurt, angry, or many more.

for all of you, I hope the new year to come, you all will not forget me.

I will never forget my memories with my friends:)

GoodByeee ! GoodByee ! GoodByee ! i say GoodByee ! GoodByeee ! 

Nowww !! Say heloo to year of 2012  :)

Haloo haloo halooo :)

Err , pejam celik pejam celikk , adoii da na msuk tahun baruu . Capat an masa berlalu . Ak pown da smakin tua . hehe . xdek la tua sgt . bru enambelas nati . 

Da na msuk thun baru nie , msti korang ada azam baru an ? ak pom ade jugakk . hee ~ 
na tahu ? okay , Let me list ! 

make my parents proud of me !
want to be excellent students, God willing
became good friends
study hard
be a good girl

Actually , much more. Private ! thank :) 
Hmm , ak nie bukan maen byk agy azam kn , tp xtaw ak wat kew tak . hehe ~ i hope i do it . I just hope this new year I get new things I learned, can make new friends , new acquaintances , and the world , new life

 Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have a vision now and then
A world in which neighbors of each partner
Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have our hopes, will we try the best
If we do not, we must attempt  :)