Dream Place ..

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I want story about the most I want to go in my life. Want to know where?  Look at this map

 Where is ? Yeahhh ! it is the place I want to go. hehe . The Korean national :)
Many people seem to me, why I so want to go to this Korean nation. I also do not know why. I see this country comfortable. happy when the see. Indeed it is cold, because cold country. right? hehe.
 was already long I'm going to the country, but I do not know when. very sad. I hope my future ambitions are achieved. because, I want to travel near there. I brought my parents and siblings at all! heee ~
Sister and my mother is also interested in korean. They always look at the story korea. Like OST My Girl, Princess Hours, Full House, and how much more. Hehe :)

I really like to dis place !

Okay , now speak Malay :)

p\s : I get used to calling my name okay :)

Oke , nie na g tw . tmpat yg msya suka sgtt , hehe . Na tahu ? oke , look dis pic !

We call this place is Pulau Jeju , hehe . cantek tak ? coz tu msya na pegi sni . Huhh , hrup udara fresh . kan bestt (:  
Okey , nie pun lbey kurang la dkat pulau jeju . mcm dlm filem hindustan la plak . haha .

k , nie korang msti tahu kan ? lw yg xtahu tuu . Dis place we call Pulau Nami :) Ala , crita dlm Winter Sonata tuu . Dyorang ada maen kat snie an ? cantek an . huhu . Na pegi sini . na pegi . na pegi . xdek sape na bwk msya pegi ke ? huhu . 

Pulau Namiii , my dream place ; ) 


 Hmm , bila ea agak2 msya bole pegi sane ? Mmg la jauhh . Tapi gane2 un msya na p jugakk ! da lame da na pegi snie . hehe . lw bole an , lw bole an , lw bole an . lw bole an , msya nk pegi HONEYMOON sanee ! huuu ~ bestt bestt :) 

Tapi , lmbt agy aw lw na g honeymoon . Well . i bru 5teen . hehe . lame agy . jauh agy prjlan msya . 
Tape , achve my ambition msya duluuu :) Agy un kan . ambition msya tuu ape kurang gakk . Opss ! xleh na g tw ambition msya snie . Secrettt ~ hehe . 
Gane2 un kan , msya pasti ! cmfm ! pegi tmpat msya nak nie . hehe. Hope that my dream is reached :) 

Errr , mata da pedihh , so ? jom tidooo ! hehe.
Okay la , thx guys bace dis storyy . Enjoyy ! 
| nunyte . takecare who read this story is meann , Youuu ! |

* dunt forget haaa komenn :)