Againnnn !

Errr , again ? ape yg again ?

Up in the morning , wash face , clean my teeth , and others .
into the room , sat on the bed . while pondered , and take back what was rocked last night dream.

 (Like, did not expect it, funny)

Why ??

Recall had dreamed a dream night. What ? want to know ?  

I dream about him again. is 3 times I dream about you. what purpose is he ? want to say I miss him . possible :)) But , why i must dream of him ? why ? errr ! no other dream I have dreamed

Now, it can be said he has hated me. why ? because I did not receive love him ? why am I not receive love him ? Because , I have some doubts. do not know why. I love the right person might be. So I can not receive love him. I'm sorry. I just hope we can be friends:)
he had talk to me. that, my love just want to use him. not to be loved. Crazy! I am not a woman like that. when I love someone. I will be faithful . thank !

But, why must you that I dreamed ? I became a bit unsteady !!