My Beloved Friends :)

Okay guys.

   She is among my best friends. She name is Nurul Najwa Muwardahh:)

            Oh god. She is picky person. haha. and sometimes he is funny and nausea bad behavior. She can buy and can be considered spoiled. ahaha. if about love. can not be prevented. She is her love for number one in life. without love, life is empty. | Like no friends | my sports friends with she. when I cry or sad, she entertainers saya  :)

 Okay. the second. my best friends.

       Nur Aisya Nadiya. Hmm. I like making friends with she is. She's funny sometimes. and sometimes she is very serious. | Fear also | haha. But, among us. She used to be head of the 'date' hehe. She is like to speak frankly and irritable. haha. But have no fear at all: p