Behavior Of MEN I Did Not Like !


  There are many things I want to tell me that my male behavior is not interested:)

   The important thing when this behavior happens to my boyfriend


   I really do not like forcing the behavior of men. The reason? I really do not like. hehe. it will make me tension: D my tension when I will be crazy, angry. haha. I am not the person who handed. That is why I do not like people forced me to. be of interest to the force? I think not! haha.


    I also do not like when men have suppressed behavior. Why do men always like that? Is it mandatory that man? I do not think so. But all that became my boyfriend is behavior so. I do not like! and it is easier for me hatred for the man. regardless of whether or not my boyfriend. but if the husband was not. I will find my husband was not a behavior-behavior that I say this:) But if my husband suppressed. I do not mind. why does he need to do that


   This is the most I do not like when a man occurs dishonestly! oh god. can not describe how much I hate this kind of male behavior. is called a playboy.
              | OK, that's it, not want to talk a lot. hate! |

- MN -